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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: This forum is closed to new posts. Thanks for sharing everyone. Quote from: Sabin on January 13, , AM. BigL, did you get free shipping on it?

Sabin, slow down. Did you even check with them before coming here and ranting? If you contact them they will adjust it. Ok, he fixed it up. Quirky guy, but fun to talk to. Good customer service there.

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Thanks Susan. Regarding the bottomless portafilter, often we hear objections to using it that refer to the mess, to the spritzes, to getting coffee all over the counter, in your eyes, etc. That is the point of the bottomless. It is a tool to show you whether or not you have those spritzes. If you have them and are hiding them with a regular portafilter, your technique still needs work.

The Perfect Coffee

But there is no better way to see whether your puck is being evenly extracted than to watch the flow through that bottomless. It is a worthy tool if you are curious. And if you have determined after a while that it has taught you everything it has to offer, it won't have lost its value. There is always a lively response to offerings of bottomless portafilters. Just sayin Susan, once again, your logic has convinced me.

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I will purchase a bottomless to see "what's going on under the hood. I weigh my doses and yields using a gram scale that reads to. Gotta be the barista. Hopefully the bottomless will help.

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Suggestions on one that is relatively inexpensive, readily available in the US, and fits the Classic? Your Rocky is going to be a limiting factor. I just upgraded from an MD to a Compak K and the difference is astonishing. Is the Rocky stepped or stepless? I've discovered that. The Rocky is stepped and the difference between "steps" is more impactful than I anticipated.

Even so, I get variable shots within the same day using the same grind, bean, dose and espresso volume. That's why I think that my distribution skills or lack thereof seem to be the primary variable. Google around. I'm quite sure you can make that Rocky stepless. The tuto is simple and a friend of mine have done this one with his Gaggia MDF. It is important that one masters the art of brewing the perfect espresso as it forms the basis of other coffee variants such as macchiato, cappuccino, and latte macchiato.

Once adequate knowledge is gained about making an espresso, especially using Gaggia espresso machines, then it is possible to make any variation of coffee. In the year , he is associated with the invention of the first lever Gaggia espresso the machine.

Welcome to Gaggia North America! – Gaggia USA

This machine was a great innovation that revolutionized the making of the perfect espresso. Currently, a typical, modern espresso machine is an advanced appliance that still maintains the traditional and conservative principles behind brewing an espresso. Modern Gaggia espresso machines are the culmination of over seven decades of espresso making experience combined with state of the art technology based on traditional principles and practices. The Gaggia espresso machines typically have a powerful integral pump and a patented innovative Gaggia brew group that can be removed from the appliance.

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe Coffee Machine

The beverage volume, brew temperature, and pre-infusion levels can be tweaked and adjusted. These settings can be saved so that in future when the need arises, the user can brew a delicious cup of their favorite coffee beverage in their exact specifications just by pushing one button. The espresso machines have a built-in ceramic burr grinder that ensures that after every brew cycle, coffee is ground fresh.